Invitation for Public Comment/Hearing Notices

Petitions Process for Website Discipline Information Removal – Section 2915 – NEW 15-day Comment Period ending September 7, 2018

The Real Estate Law allows a licensee with license discipline that is more than 10 years in the past to petition for removal of that discipline information from DRE's website. This proposal implements the process for this petition program. Following an initial comment period, substantive amendments were made to this proposal.

Please read the Notice and revised Text, posted below.

The original Notice and Initial Statement of Reasons for this proposal remain posted below.

First Point of Contact Solicitations – Sections 2773 – Comment Period ending April 2, 2018

The Legislature recently updated the Real Estate Law requirement for license ID numbers to appear in advertising, amending the types of advertising affected by the requirement. This proposal amends Section 2773 to comport with this new requirement.

Please read the Text of the proposal, as well as the Notice, posted below.

Broker-Associate Tracking – Sections 2715, 2728.5, and 2752 – Effective May 31, 2018

The Real Estate Law requires a broker who retains another broker to act as a salesperson to notify CalBRE when starting or terminating this relationship. This recently adopted proposal amended Section 2752 to comport with this new requirement, and amends Sections 2715 and 2728.5 to make other, non-substantive changes.

Please read the Text of the proposal, as well as the Notice, posted below.

Annual Fee Hearing – December 27, 2017

Sections 10226 and 11011 of the Business & Professions Code require at least one regulation hearing be held each calendar year to review specified fees charged by the Department of Real Estate. Please see the following Notice regarding this year's hearing the hearing held in 2017. No changes to the present fee structure are were proposed.

Criteria for Rehabilitation Amendments – Sections 2911 and 2912 - Effective July 1, 2017

Where an applicant for a real estate license, or a current real estate licensee, has suffered a criminal conviction, the Criteria for Rehabilitation offer categories of relevant facts that the applicant or licensee may offer as evidence to demonstrate rehabilitation. The Criteria appear in Sections 2911 and 2912 of the Regulations of the Real Estate Commissioner. This recently adopted proposal updated and modified the Criteria. Originally published on October 30, 2015, the public comment period on this regulations proposal closed December 14, 2015. Two further, 15-day public comment periods occurred in 2016. The proposal went into effect on July 1, 2017.

Please read the Text of the proposal, as well as the Notice, posted below.

Legislative Oversight Hearing - March 9,2016

The California Legislature conducts regular oversight hearings of the Department of Consumer Affairs and all its boards, bureaus, and commissions, including the Department of Real Estate. The Legislature's most recent oversight hearing of the Department of Real Estate was on March 9, 2016, before the Assembly's Business and Professions Committee and the Senate's Business, Professions and Economic Development Committee. For details of this hearing, and to review the Department of Real Estate's Background Information report provided to the Legislature, please see the documents posted below.

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